Kyaing Tong & Surroundings (4 Days, 3 Nights)

Kyaing Tong & Surroundings (4 Days, 3 Nights)

4 DAYS – 3 Night Tour (PHT4K) Kyaingtong & Kyaingtong Surrounding Tour _ Extension From Yangon

DAY (01) Kyaing Tong

kyaingtong_01Arrival at KYAING TONG Airport in the afternoon and transfer to the hotel. A short drive through Kyaing Tong takes us to LAKE TONG, the centre of the city. A nice path goes around the lake and we can walk along. Make a photo stop towards the huge standing Buddha. Dinner at a simple local restaurant. Accommodation at Princess Hotel, Kyaing Tong. (Superior room).
Meals included: Lunch, Dinner

DAY (02) Kyaing Tong – Surrounding Villages

Breakfast at hotel. This morning we drive out of Kyaing Tong in northwest direction. The road takes us through KATTAUK VILLAGE and then to PIN TAUK VILLAGE, about 1½ hour by car. In Pin Tauk village, Akha and Lahu people have converted to Baptism and they have built a church in the middle of the village. The Akha are the largest minority in the Kyaing Tong area and surely the most colorful.kyaingtong_02 We park our car at Wan Ping village and start our trekking tour. After about 15 minutes walk we already arrive at the first Akha village, WANPIN, where people still dress in their traditional costumes. The Akha are famous for their women's striking headdresses, which resemble heavy silver helmets. They consist of rows of heavy silver baubles, interspersed with beads, which are sewn on a bamboo cap. Akha embroidery is extremely intricate and includes panels of diamond and geometric shapes. The village has only a few houses and people welcome visitors with open arms. We might be invited for a cup of tea. We walk a bit outside of the village and have a packed lunch under a shady tree. The village we visit next, WANLAR, is only about 20 minutes walk away and the path is not very steep. The Akha in this village have converted to Catholicism or Baptism. They are famous for their technique of hunting birds and if we are lucky, we can watch villagers making their simple but efficient traps. A steep path leads us up to the first Ann village, NMA LIN KAUNG, the walk takes about 30 minutes. People in this village are still animists and are dressed in their traditional black costumes. They paint their teeth black. In their believe, it is better to be black from the outside and have a pure heart. We continue our trek to another Ann village, another 30 minutes walk, NAM LIN MAI, which is very nicely located on a plateau overlooking the rice terraces, surrounded by shady trees. When we enter the village, we will see the shrine, where they sacrifice before they go hunting. Just next to it there is another shrine with a Buddha statue, which was sponsored by the government, to convince the villagers to convert to Buddhism. However until today, they are still animists. 1½ hour walk back to the car through rice and vegetable fields. Drive back to Kyaing Tong. On the way we can make a brief stop at WAN KAM, famous for its rice wine production. Dinner at a simple local restaurant. Accommodation at Princess Hotel, Kyaing Tong.(Superior room)
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY (03) Kyaing Tong – Surrounding Villages

Breakfast at hotel. An active day in the hills. We drive out of Kyaing Tong in direction to Tachilek (approx. 1 hour). kyaingtong_03Then we drive high into the hills, to the top of HOKYIN MOUNTAIN. The road is very steep and narrow and we can only drive up if the road condition is good. We can also walk up, which takes 2 hours. Once we reach the top, we see 4 different Akha villages. In some villages there are 3 different religions; some people are Buddhists, others are still animists or have converted to Catholicism. Between each village is a valley and the path leads down approx. 15 minutes and up again approx. 30 minutes. The entrance of the first village where people are still animists is very interesting, decorated with the skin of a dog. Other houses have a stuffed wild cat hanging over the entrance. The Akha are very hospitable and enjoy welcoming you to their house for a chat around the stove. We make the tour from village to village and return back to the car. If you wish to do more hiking, we can also walk down the hill, which takes approx. 1 hour. The path leads through farms with beautiful views of the surrounding hills. Enjoy a packed lunch on the way. Return in the direction of Kyaing Tong by car. Visit U MULEIN DA'S unique Shan lacquer ware shop. This lacquer ware is distinctively different from the one from Bagan; it is not engraved, but the reliefs are glued on. Drive to the top of Lone Tree Hill for views over the surrounding countryside and Kyaing Tong. Return to the hotel. Dinner is taken at a simple local restaurant. Accommodation at Princess Hotel, Kyaing Tong.(Superior room)
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

DAY (04) Kyaing Tong

Breakfast at hotel. This early morning we visit KYAING TONG MARKET – a fascinating place to soak up the local atmosphere.kyaingtong_04 On the big wet market all kinds of vegetables, rice, fruits, meat and fish are on sale. Minority people come to town to shop or to sell their goods. For the Akha the many silver shops are of special interest as there they can buy the silver coins to make their very unique headdresses! We can stop at one of the noodle shops and enjoy a typical Shan breakfast with Shan noodles and a cup of tea. Time permitting we can stop at WAT IN – a Khun-style temple or at the more "Myanmar"–style MAHA MYAT MUNI temple. Also a pottery and a blacksmith shop can be visited. Lunch is taken at a simple local restaurant. Transfer to Kyaing Tong Airport.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch

Important notes:

  • The region around Kyaing Tong is still undeveloped for most aspects of tourism. This is essentially an adventure tour because of the prevailing travel conditions: bad roads, simple vehicles with no air conditioning, very simple restaurants and hotels. Meals during the trekking tours will be packed lunch, normally rice, chicken, vegetable or fruits.
  • We will endeavor to obtain the best available accommodation, transport and facilities for guests, but would ask for their understanding for any practical aspects that do not come up to expectations and for delays or changes in the itinerary, particularly during the monsoon season (June – September).
  • Accommodation is very simple. Power cuts happen very often and the hotels are allowed to use the generator only from 6AM until 11PM. It is therefore advisable to bring your own torchlight.
  • It can be quite cold in Kyaing Tong and therefore one requires warm clothing
  • Since the trip includes trekking, one needs good walking shoes
  • Please note that villages change and roads can suffer damage in the rainy season – exact itinerary is therefore subject to changes.
  • It is essential that all guests visiting Kyaing Tong are fully aware of travel conditions as described above.

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